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100% Pure Kona Coffee

Welcome to the Kona Coffee Farm web page. We’re at the start of another great harvest year growing the best coffee in the world at our farm in Hawaii. Our farm is located along the famous Kona Coffee Farm Belt. Everything that we do to grow 100% Pure Kona Coffee happens on our estate farm.

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The Kona Coffee Farm Belt delivers 100% Pure Kona Coffee.

The “belt” is a narrow strip of land 2 miles by 30 miles long and home to about 900 farms. Hundreds of 100% Pure Kona Coffee lovers around the world visit this spot annually to visit and sample the taste.  For many it is the first time they ever experienced 100% Pure Kona Coffee.

We hand pick only the ripest cherry for our 100% Pure Kona Coffee and process the day’s harvest on our farm. After processing, our coffee is sold farm-direct to the public with pricing that is affordable. In addition, we personally handle our own mainland distribution and shipping.

Compared to other large kona coffee companies, we are a small operation. These large companies purchase coffee cherry from farmers selling their harvest at the current cherry price. In contrast, we grow and process only cherry from our farm. In this way we can personally vouch for the care and quality of our product in every step on its way to the roaster.

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